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So Why Does Condensation Occur?

So why does condensation occur? Condensation can occur when there is an excess of moisture in your home. Condensation can be increased in your home through regular activities such as showering, bathing, boiling the kettle, running the washing machine and drier, and simple actions such as breathing. Studies show that these actions can contribute to home moisture by 4 pints of water per person, per day.

Homes used to be more suitable when dealing with excess moisture due to old designs allowing for the movement of moisture through walls and ceilings, newer designs are made from materials that are not suited for this meaning that the moisture can’t escape.

This high amount of moisture in your home has to end up somewhere, that’s why you can often find walls bubbling, condensation in windows and dampness in your home. Essex Bi-fold can help with your problems by replacing old rotten doors and windows. These rotten windows and doors can add to your moisture problem and can actually cause you other problems.

Where Condensation Is Commonly Found

Condensation/moisture in your home will enter any area it can get to. This is why condensation can occur in windows. Newer built homes were built in mind to keep damp out and are not breathable at all, so if excessive moisture is present in your new homes, it can build up.

Condensation can often be found on walls in the winter when the walls are colder than the air outside.

If you are currently suffering from condensation in your home that may be present in your home such as your windows, then you might also be suffering from windows.

window condensation, why does condensation occur?

Condensation Inside Windows

The reason why condensation usually occurs inside windows is because the window is one of the two coldest places in the home. One of the other coldest places in the home is at the bottom of the outside wall. Due to the temperature difference, these places are where condensation happens the most. Afterall, Temperature + Humidity = Condensation.

How Do You Solve Condensation Issues?

There are a number of things you can do to fix internal condensation issues. Below we will cover some basics of what you can change to reduce condensation in your home and on your windows.

Install New Windows

Although ventilation is required to reduce condensation in your home, installing new double-glazed windows from Essex Bi-fold can help you identify condensation issues. Double-glazing works by sealing your surroundings and keeping in heating, drafts and moisture. This means the problems can’t get worse as no moisture can enter the property and you can focus on getting rid of the moisture currently in the property. You can help the situation using the equipment and methods found below.

Extractor Fans

You should remember to turn on extractor fans. They are usually based in kitchens and bathrooms. Other extractors can be mostly found in the kitchens, on top of an oven. As activities such as bathing, showering and cooking introduces a lot of moisture into the home, you should know how to keep this excess moisture under control. The purpose of extractors is mainly to stop the moisture moving away from the location where it was outputted and these fans release the moisture safely into other places.

Circulate the Air

By circulating the air in your home you can help reduce condensation that builds up on your windows. The movement of air and moisture can reduce condensation in the home.

Open Your Windows

If the weather isn’t too cold outside you could ensure you open the windows. Doing this releases some of the humid, moist air that is trapped inside the house.

Move Your Plants

Plants actually increase moisture within the home by releasing added moisture into the air. Having plants near windows will increase condensation and the added moisture will be clearly visible against the cold glass of a window. Moving the plants to a different location in a house can reduce condensation on windows.

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If your older windows have been damaged by condensation and perhaps the wood has rotted you need to purchase new windows. New windows are more efficient and will keep extra moisture from coming in and adding to the excess moisture problem. Call industry specialists Essex Bi-fold today on 01245401196 to find out more about how we can answer your questions such as ‘why does condensation occur’.

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