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The Sunflex Sliding Door: Superior Styling and Performance in One

Sliding aluminium doors from Sunflex, also dubbed as “the invisible window”, allow you to make the most of a beautiful view and create an almost seamless connection between your home and garden. When closed, sliding doors create an impressive wall of glass and unobstructed views allowing you to truly appreciate your garden and outside space. When open, they connect your home with the outdoors space allowing easy entrance and exit. When closed, they offer unbeatable security and peace of mind.

Introducing the Sunflex Sliding Door System

The Sunflex sliding door system features individual panels up to 3 metres wide, but can be installed to create up to an incredible 24 metres of glass paneling. Innovative design and precision engineering also make these glazed sliding doors effortless to operate even when installed at their maximum size.

Bringing the Outside In

If you love entertaining in your garden or the kids are forever asking to go outside and play, sliding aluminium doors are the perfect option. Designed for family life, effortless entertaining and those beautiful summer days when you just want to throw open your doors, glazed sliding doors give you so much freedom. Open up your home and create a seamless connection between the great outdoors and the cosiness of your home. With Sunflex sliding doors, operation is smooth, effortless and dependable.

The Many Brilliant Benefits of a Sunflex Sliding Door System

French doors are beautiful but they obstruct your view. Traditional aluminum patio doors are great but can become heavy to open or prone to mechanical issues. Sunflex sliding doors, on the other hand, offer advanced engineering, stunning appearance and smooth operation in one. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that aluminium sliding doors have to offer in more detail.

Effortless Operation

Even when fitted with the largest panel sizes, Sunflex sliding doors simply glide to your chosen position when opened and slide back to a secure position when closed. If you are currently struggling with heavy to operate patio doors, you won’t believe the difference that aluminium sliding doors can make.

Outstanding Security Features

With their continuous 5-point locking system, PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design™ security hardware and systems, Sunflex sliding doors offer outstanding security when closed and locked.

Stunning Style and Dependable Performance

There is no denying that Sunflex sliding doors offer one of the most aesthetically pleasing features you can choose for your home. They also offer dependable performance, effortless operation and unbeatable security year after year and it’s all backed up by the BSI Kitemark™, a mark of quality assurance you can trust.

Slim and Elegant From All Angles

Sunflex aluminium sliding doors eliminate the need for bulky and obstructive reinforcements to the frame and produce a slimline, contemporary and uninterrrupted aesthetic that provides stunning views. This is true no matter what angle they are viewed from.

We would be delighted to tell you more about our Sunflex sliding doors and help you to discover the benefits, beauty and unbeatable performance aluminum doors have to offer.

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