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How To Brighten Up Your Home With An Aluminium Roof Lantern

If you have dark areas of your home that are untouched by natural light, an aluminium roof lanterns could help to brighten and transform these areas. An aluminium roof lantern is one of the easiest and most effective ways to lighten up a number of areas, such as extensions and any room in your home that has a flat roof.

Why Choose a Roof Lantern For Your Home?

As the sun passes over your home each day, imagine those glorious rays shining through your roof lantern and creating a beautifully lit, airy and welcoming space. But you don’t need bright sunshine to make your home lighter. The clever design of an aluminium roof lantern allows light to flood into your home throughout the seasons, ensuring every corner is beautifully lit, regardless of which direction the room is facing.

More and more homeowners are investing in roof lanterns and the many benefits they have to offer. What’s more, they are easier to install than large-scale glass extensions, pose fewer issues with planning applications and building regulations and come in a wide range of styles. If you want to create the ‘wow factor’ inside and out, a roof lantern ticks both of these boxes and will create a beautiful focal point. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional home, there is a roof lantern style that will complement your home perfectly.

How to Choose the Ideal Aluminium Roof For your Home

Whether you already have an extension with a flat roof, or you are considering a new extension that you’d like to bring more light into, choosing a roof lantern could be a very worthwhile investment. Read our tips to finding the perfect lantern for your home.

  • Roof lanterns generally cost less than modern glass-only extensions and involve fewer issues with building control or planning applications.
  • If you have a larger room that you would like to add a roof lantern to, a larger lantern will allow more light to flood in and create a feeling of grandeur.
  • Square-based pyramid lanterns are perfect for square or smaller rooms, whereas a larger space will be more suited to an elongated pyramid design.
  • Roof lanterns can look great positioned over functional areas of the room, such as breakfast bars, dining tables, kitchen islands and more. Imagine reading the Sunday papers at the table as the sun’s rays gently light your space.
  • The great thing about an aluminium roof lantern is that it is fitted with minimalist frames that create a contemporary, streamlined appearance and a higher glazing ratio that helps to maximise natural light.
  • Colour is also important. Your frame will be visible inside and out and so it’s important to choose a colour and style that complements your home and your existing windows and doors.
  • Choosing an aluminium roof lantern is a wise choice if you want to avoid regular maintenance. Aluminium frames are maintenance-free and will give you many years of dependable use.
  • Shade and ventilation are also important considerations. Roof lanterns can be supplied with solar-reflecting glass to help deflect heat and opening panels to allow air to circulate.
  • Roof lanterns also offer supreme energy efficiency thanks to their low emissivity and triple glazing. This will keep the room below warm.
  • Lights can also be integrated into your roof lantern, allowing you to illuminate the room in the evenings and also draw attention to your lantern’s beauty.

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